Todii School Bag - Purple & Aqua

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Easy to clean and sanitize, simply wipe with sunlight dish-washing liquid, no abrasive soaps should be used.
Durable, long-lasting, hardwearing.
The innovative Todii alleviates spinal strain and in so doing, prevents future back ailments.
Can be used as a seat, while waiting for Mom or the Transport home.
Can be locked (Lock not included).
The Lid contains 3 compartments, for a Lunchbox (one included) and space for a pencil bag, juice bottle, or Umbrella/Poncho (Not Included).
Todii are repairable and Spares are available.
They are also water and dust-resistant.
-For preschoolers and early Primary school.
-Dimensions 20 × 18 × 30 cm
-Weight 2.5 kg

What's in the box
Todii School Bag, including long Pull Handle, lunch box, and removable dividers.