Garlic Chopping Mashine

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Garlic Chooping Mashine 
2. One machine with multiple uses
3. One key operation button
4. Rated voltage: 5V
5. Contains 2000 mAh lithium battery
6. Fast twisting, low noise, safe and efficient
7. Food grade meat grinder bowl, not easy to break
8. Overload reminder, magnet induction, whole body waterproof
9. Function: juicing, cutting vegetables, mincing meat, stirring, mixing
10. Provide Chinese/English neutral packing box, universal USB charging cable, and manual inside
11. Unit weight: 100ML small power version: 265g, 100ML minced garlic version: 270g, 100ML minced meat version: 305g, 250ML minced meat version: 320g, tall and short double cup minced garlic + ground meat: 290g, 250ML increased power minced meat edition: 305g
12. Packing size: 100ML small power version: 12.5x9.2x9.2cm, 100ML minced garlic version: 12.5x9.2x9.2cm, 100ML minced meat version: 12.5x9.2x9.2cm, 250ML minced meat version: 13.7x9.2x9 .2cm, tall and short double-cup minced garlic + ground meat: 12.5x9.2x9.2cm, 250ML increased power minced version: 13.7x9.2x9.2cm